Gloria's Pupuseria
Contact: JK and Gloria Gerber
Telephone number:  (540) 251-2633
Facebook: Gloria' Pupuseria
About: Gloria's Pupuseria serves pupusas, a Salvadoran hand made corn tortilla stuffed with fresh vegetables, cheese and/or chicharron(blended pork side meat). We are proud that we use all homegrown or locally sourced veggies and locally sourced meat and cheese.


                                                                                                  Graham Bass Fish Farm
Contact: John Graham
733 Peaks St. Bedford, VA 24523
Telephone number:  
Graham Bass Fish Farm
Graham Bass Fish Farm is a family owned fish farm dedicated to providing fresh, healthy and clean fish for your table.  We do not use hormones or anti-biotics in our farm operations.  We grow a variety of fish to meet any specific fish desires.  Our operation use Recirculating Aquaculture, this allows for a stable and clean environment for the fish to grow limiting stress for the fish which yields a consistent end product.  

We plan to attend the market twice per month this season which will be the first and third Saturdays of the month.  Pre-orders are much appreciated as that helps us know what to harvest and saves you the worry of wondering if we will have fish when you get to the market.  We look forward to providing you the freshest fish in the area.


Heartland Harvest
Contact: James Showalter and Family
Address: 85 Curry Road, Mount Solon, VA 22843
Telephone number:  540-885-7172
About: We want to give you the eating experience that connects you….locally, with your community, your farmer, and the soil.

With our “heart” in the “land” we are working to produce a “harvest” of the best quality foods available. We are working hard to develop production models that eliminate chemicals, drugs, growth hormones, air and water pollution, and adverse animal housing. We rotationally graze our livestock, moving them regularly to new pasture where they can roam and feed on fresh bio-diverse, nutrient-dense vegetation.

We are working on new ways to harvest, store and feed non grazed crops to better preserve the nutrient density, increase efficiency, protect the environment, and improve the animal comfort. Livestock feed is supplemented with natural minerals and vitamins. Ponds and forests are fenced off; and we are working on ways of composting to reduce waste runoff into water sources. These changes in agricultural practices combine to produce richer, nutrient dense foods that we enjoy eating; and it is gratifying to be able to invite you to share in this experience. In order that this might happen, we are working to bridge the gap between the producer and consumer through direct marketing approaches (on farm sales, farmers markets, and buyers clubs). This provides connection for the consumer to have a relationship with the soil, the food grown from the soil, the farmer who manages the soil, and produces, harvests, and markets the crops in the community of which we are all a part. The potential for new economic incentives resulting from being associated directly with you, the consumer, will help make it so we can continue on the farm where we want to be --- as stewards of our Creator in the best interests of mankind.

Need directions? Give us a call.

Store hours: 7:00am-8:00pm Monday-Saturday, closed Sunday

Homestead Hill Farm

Contact: Tom and Barbara Womack

Address: 78 Whispering Lane, Middlebrook, VA 24459

Telephone number:  540-448-2577


Facebook Page: Homestead Hill Farm
Website: h ttp://

About: Homestead Hill Farm is the life and livelihood of Tom and Barbara Womack.  We’ve been farming in Middlebrook since 1997 and selling at the Market since 1998.
Good, local food is the absolute best!  We enjoy every aspect of food…from raising it to eating it. Our motto is delicious, nutritious and homegrown.  You should know where your food comes from.
We grow a wide variety of vegetables and some fruits.  We also raise sheep and chickens. 
The sheep provide the most amazing lamb chops and sausage we have ever eaten.  The great taste is due in part to the fact that our lambs have not travelled 10,000 miles from farm to plate.
The chickens are two different types: those for eggs and those for meat.  All our chickens spend a good portion of their lives outside, and are offered all the garden and kitchen scraps they care to eat.
While we are not certified organic, we are very careful about the inputs with any of our crops.  If you have any questions about our products or growing practices, please ask.  We enjoy what we do and love to talk to folks about it.
For more information about the farm, check us out on Facebook, or follow our blog.
                                                                                                              Joe's Sausages

Contact: Joe and Maria Pehan

Address: 304 Hudson Av., Staunton, VA 24401

Telephone number: (540) 886-3632




About: In the wintertime, customers can call for special orders. Please allow at least one week notice.