The Staunton Farmers’ Market was founded on the concepts of local food production, promotion of family farming and direct marketing of farm products while providing the community access to the best our producers have to offer in a family-friendly atmosphere. 
The success of our Market depends on a good growing season as well as the active participation and cooperation of many and varied Producers. The Market Committee, comprised of 6-9 individuals including producers and other community members, manages the regular business operations of the Market voluntarily and welcomes your input.
The Committee’s meeting schedule may be obtained through the Market Manager or Committee members.
The Staunton Farmers’ Market is a PRODUCER ONLY market.
What does this mean? Simply put, it means that the vendor selling the product has been involved in the growing or production of the item. In addition, the Staunton Farmers’ Market requires that this be done within a 75 mile radius to Staunton. Items cannot be bought elsewhere and then re-sold at our Market.

The Market Committee that oversees the rules and regulations of the market is fairly strict when it comes to this rule. This is to assure that the customers are getting the very best and freshest products available. The Committee would hope to assure that any questions asked by customers regarding growing practices could be answered by someone involved with the operation and informed of any and all practices.

So, the next time you visit our Market or ANY Market….ask questions. All our vendors will be more than happy to answer them.